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Basic Cancer Marker Panel - $375

A cancer marker panel test measures specific proteins and substances in the blood that may indicate the presence of cancer. These markers can help in detecting cancer early, monitoring treatment effectiveness, and checking for recurrence.

암 지표 검사는 혈액 내 특정 단백질과 물질을 측정하여 암의 존재 여부를 나타낼 수 있습니다. 이러한 지표들은 암의 조기 발견, 치료 효과 모니터링 및 재발 확인에 도움을 줍니다.

Basic Cancer Marker tests for:

  • Liver cancer (간암)

  • Stomach cancer (위암)

  • Lung cancer (폐암)

  • Bladder cancer (방광암)

  • Ovarian & Uterine cancer (난소암 & 자궁암)

Panel & Exam Process

Pre-Test Consultation: Schedule a consultation with our doctor to discuss whether this test is right for you. This initial consultation will help you understand the test, its benefits, and its limitations.

Blood Sample Collection: Visit our clinic for a quick and easy blood draw. This non-invasive procedure is done in a safe and sterile environment by our experienced medical staff.

Lab Analysis: Your blood sample will be sent to our accredited partner laboratory for detailed analysis of your APOE gene.

Post-Test Consultation: Once your results are ready, you will have a follow-up consultation with our doctors to discuss your results and what they mean for your health plan.

Step 1

​건강 검진 예약

Step 2
prpstep2 (2).png

​클리닉에서 검사

Step 3

​테스트랩에서 검사 진행

Step 4

결과 상담 (약 2주 후)

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