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The MOST advanced bioregeneration treatment for Skin & Scalp

Exosomes Therapy

Our cutting-edge treatment combines micro-gold needling with Exosomes, utilizing 5 billion+ stem cells to revitalize your skin and scalp.

Experience the power of Exosomes' growth factors and genetic materials for radiant skin and hair.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes, essential messengers derived from stem cells, have emerged as a revolutionary treatment.


These tiny vesicles, often referred to as "tiny bags with all the goodies," carry a diverse range of growth factors, mRNA, RNA, and other potent materials that facilitate cell-to-cell communication

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10x more growth factors than PRP 

Exosomes outshine PRP treatment due to their remarkable regenerative potential, carrying over 100 growth factors compared to PRP's 8 to 10. These potent messengers activate various cells, driving collagen production and rejuvenation with more impactful results in cosmetic treatments.

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BENEV Exosomes powered by ExoSCRT

ExoSCRT™ is an innovative technology to separate and refine 0.1% pure exosomes from stem cells and helps the virtualization of natural skin energy by affecting skin cells effectively.


  • 5 Billion+ exosomes

  • 15 Growth factors & peptides

  • 19 amino acids

  • 2 vitamins

  • 4 Coenzymes

  • 5 Minerals

  • 3 Humectants

Exosomes Therapy for Skin & Scalp

Revitalize with Exosome Therapy at VitaleHEALTH Family Center.


Try our microneedling and RF microneedling treatments enhanced with exosomes for advanced rejuvenation.


Book now to experience the cutting-edge in skincare.

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